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Junior & Senior High

Jr. & Sr. High History Program

History is the subject that most students interests wanes. Here at CBA, we do our best to make history class a fun and interactive time to learn about things of the past and present. Subjects covered are World and U.S. History, Geography, American Government, and Economics. We offer U.S. History in an AP and non-AP format, as well as an Honors American Government class. 

Here at CBA we use the BJU Press history curriculum, but we do not limit ourselves to it. We are committed to give each student a well-rounded “history” education. We have taken the students on field trips to various places such as the Parthenon (Nashville, TN), Andrew Jackson Hermitage (Nashville, TN) and the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum (Atlanta, GA). In the upper level history classes, we do our best to make the material come alive to the students by taking part in mock trials and elections. 

In years past, the students have participated in a Mock Supreme Court and a Mock Murder Trial. Our goal for the history program here at CBA is to educate the students on both the factual and practical sides of history. We want the students of CBA to be historically and politically informed individuals upon their completion here at CBA.

Mr. Wes McLaughlin – History Department Head

Jr. & Sr. High Science Program

Science is all around us. Most of the time we don’t realize we are using science every day. Studying science tends to scare students, however, we strive to teach Science, so the student can feel at ease using what they learn in class. We hold to the Biblical Worldview as we approach science. Our goal in the science program is to prepare the student for life, either being prepared for science classes in college, or armed with principles learned in science that apply to everyday life. In studying science, we can be drawn closer to God as we study that which He created. Subjects that we study are Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry and Human Anatomy and Physiology. 

We not only study science but we do science through laboratory hands on procedures. Students preform several dissections to study how the body works, and a number of labs are conducted to reinforce what is learned in lectures. One activity in Physical Science class involves building a large-sized functioning trebuchet. We strive to make science relevant to current times by looking at current events and giving real life examples of how science works. We want students to leave CBA with an ability to think, to have a better understanding of the character of God, and to be prepared for the next level of their education.

Mr. David Shaver – Science Department Head

Jr. & Sr. High English Program

The emphasis of the English department at CBA is four pronged: we focus on grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing.  A mastery of grammar and vocabulary is vital to both reading comprehension and writing skills.  We want our students to see the difference in meaning between the following phrases: “eats shoots and leaves,” and “eats, shoots, and leaves.”  Our students should be able to see that the first phrase talks about eating habits, and the second describes a heinous crime. Our goal for writing is to promote clear thinking, organization, and a grammatically correct presentation of ideas.

To prepare students for the ACT and for college, our literature program increases in difficulty each year and culminates in World Literature, Honors American Literature, and AP British Literature.  When a student can successfully parse a sentence of Shakespeare, he or she usually has no trouble reading a college psychology textbook.

In junior high literature we analyze the material in light of the literary devices being used, and we carefully evaluate moral tone because we are a Christian school.  It is important for students to remember that even though an author claims he or she has written about “real life,” the work each author produces is only a product of his or her values and beliefs.  If those values and beliefs are not in line with Bible principles, then the author has not presented “real life.”

In our upper level classes we analyze a piece of literature based on its historic and cultural setting. The despair found in Greek tragedy is a natural result of that culture’s pagan religion that offered no hope.   Chaucer’s depiction of church corruption in Canterbury Tales  (written in the late 1300s) shows the need for a Reformation (early 1500s).  The Wesleyan Revival in England and America’s Second Great Awakening during the late 1700s created a reading audience living in the early 1800s who demanded a high moral tone in the literature they purchased.  Sadly, the impact of Darwin and Higher Criticism in the late 1800s led to a large body of twentieth century literature that shuns faith and morality.

Our final goal is to graduate students equipped to read with discernment and ready to continue their training in any field.

Mrs. Sheri Seidel – English Department Head

Jr. & Sr. High Bible Program

The Bible program seeks to give our students a strong understanding of scriptural truths and applications that they will be able to carry with them throughout life. We value a biblical curriculum that grounds students in accurate biblical doctrine through academic quality that will give relevance in their world, in Christian service and in daily living.  We also hold to a biblical worldview that recognizes the absolute authority of the Bible as the source of truth to govern believers in living as light and salt in this world, having an influence for truth while being distinctively Christ-like.

Christian education at Calvary Baptist Academy is a spiritual ministry designed to teach students to know God and to imitate Him in His character and His works. Knowledge of the written Word of God remains at the center, but biblical truth is not confined to Bible courses. The commitment to our students’ spiritual development embraces all that is done in and out of the classroom.

Since “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge:” (Prov. 1:7), CBA is positioned to offer each student the knowledge of salvation which begins with repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. To know God is to be born into His family and to grow in obedience to and in fellowship with Him. With this knowledge as the starting point, Christian education then encourages the student to develop a biblical worldview in all academic pursuits.

Growing in Christ is a process in which a believer learns to imitate God’s character and serve others. CBA faculty members encourage students in this process and provide an environment designed to nurture spiritual growth (II Timothy 2:2).

Pastor Ben Coronado – Bible Department Head

Jr. & Sr. High Math Program

The Calvary Baptist Academy math department strives to provide more than just the basic facts about math.  We understand that the basic facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and the subjects of math like Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus are important; however, even more important than these basics is the fact that math is the language we can use to understand God’s creation.  God is a God of logic and order.  It is amazing to look at God’s creation and see the logic and order of it through mathematics.  Some students ask the question, “How am I going to use Algebra or Geometry in my every day life?”  In addition to seeing God’s creation through mathematics, mathematics teaches us how to think logically like our Creator.  Logical thinking is applicable to every day life because there are all kinds of circumstances and trials in life that require us to think logically, work through difficulties, and solve problems.  Just like the Apostle Paul in the Epistle to the Romans, we also need to be able to logically explain the gospel as God gives us opportunities to share our testimony with others.  This is our mission at Calvary Baptist Academy as we strive to teach mathematics with a Biblical viewpoint.