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Why Choose CBA?

Calvary Baptist Academy exists to serve families with school-age children, and other families who are looking for a school that combines biblical faith, a small student body, challenging academics, and a little fun mixed in.  Right now, our student body is made up of about 55 students in grades K4-12th.

Our mission is to assist parents with the education of their children, emphasizing a Biblical worldview and solid academics, in order to prepare our students for college and Christ-like living.  The Bible is our reference point for learning and the development of character.

Our faculty and staff are all members of Calvary Baptist Church.  Over the years, the Lord has provided a gifted and equipped group of people to meet the educational needs of CBA.  We are grateful for them and appreciate their willingness to serve the younger generation our school represents.  Our teachers demonstrate regularly that their teaching is ministry-oriented. They work hard at making their classrooms challenging, meaningful, and even enjoyable!

So, what does CBA strive to offer?

A Christian atmosphere of kindness, love, respect, and moral character.

These are the attributes that exist in a Christian setting where people can work together in peace and be productive.

Smaller class sizes

Even though we combine first and second grades, third and fourth, fifth and sixth, seventh and eighth, ninth and tenth, and eleventh and twelfth, our class sizes range anywhere from  4 to 12 students per class.

Competent and thoughtful staff members who serve in a ministry environment

Good teachers are really the key factor in receiving a quality education.  Our teachers have a heart for their students, which will also make them work hard for their students’ success in the classroom.

A Christian based curriculum

We use both ABeka and BJUP materials as our primary classroom curriculums which aid in our commitment to promoting a Biblical Worldview through our academics.

A good value for your tuition dollars

Our per person tuition fee is substantially lower than the per person cost for public education here in Alabama..  We have a 100% graduation rate, and our graduates are well equipped for college or full-time employment.

A safe school setting

Bullying, hazing and other similar social behaviors are not tolerated.  Students are supportive of one another and friendly.  Our little academy is not perfect, but issues are dealt with through care and concern, and with parental involvement.  A Christian school should be free from violence and threats. 

A limited admission policy

CBA is not for everyone.  We don’t exist as a last option for anyone.  We are interested in families of like faith and practice and who are agreeable with what we are trying to do.